Friday, March 19, 2010

Agreements-How demons trap others

I have been busy with a really intensive case that has made it so I have a rough time keeping up with my emails. It is why you have not seen a post to this blog for awhile. I want to comment on how demons trap people into being obsessed and possessed by evil.

People make agreements or contracts with them by various negative reactions to life. An example My Mother dies and she has been hurt by someone else. I become angry and drink or do something where I open myself up to evil. Evil is not the big stuff but the little things we do. I sometimes wonder if the old cartoons are right in that there is a devil on one shoulder and an angel on another and our choices make the difference.

So we are cruel to people who remind us of the person who harmed our Mother. We focus on wishing them harm. We then find that something happens to them and the person normally says good God got them. We then keep working on others that way feeling that God is listening to us. All of a sudden we notice a spirit around helping us. It normally says it is an angel and is there to get justice for our Mother.

We really start working on others who we feel treat people badly. We try to become a divine avenger of everything but we are not working for the divine. We are working for our own ego and wanting to get even with everyone that acts the same way the person did who harmed our Mother.

All of a sudden we realize that the spirit is no longer outside of us but inside of us. We can not control our thoughts, hear a buzzing, feel something crawling on the back of our neck and many other symptoms. The demon did the work of harming the people we disliked. It now has an unwritten agreement with us with no limitations or restrictions and it goes about ruining the persons life until it is removed.

The other choice of forgiveness and surround the person with divine energies and asking God and the angels to do the work of showing the person how much harm they do would never have allowed this to happen. It is why I have been called a good two shoes by many magicians but in certain instances allowing the angels to do the work gets better results than anything else you can do.

Children can be possessed from childhood and have their lives ruined over things like this where they are not in control of their actions or have not been taught ethics. So the little cruelties and ways we do not treat others properly will come back to haunt us. It is what needs to be looked out for so we do not do this to ourselves and others.

So any show of ego and feeling that we can talk to angels and spirits where they are living around us nonstop also makes us susceptible. Angels are always there to help but they are not going to be around talking to us. They are there when we need them and friends and human beings are there to be talked too. So if you have a problem and they show signs to keep your faith going it is an angel. If they hang out and act like a friend then it is normally a demon trying to make it so you trap yourself in some way.

It is something to think about for any future moments in your life where you want to be freed from bad decisions. Listen to that voice that says not to lose your temper or do things that are cruel or unjust.

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