Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hiding agreements

I have also found some ways that agreements are hidden from the victims. Many times people are friends or employees of some one with problems. The question is what type of problems the person has from the agreements. Many people just can not get things to go right and do not hurt anyone.

Others have integrated themselves into the agreements by wanting something from the demon. The people normally figure that it is an angel and they are fooled into agreeing to something then finding out later that it was wrong. Yet there are people who enjoy power and make agreements for their own usage.

One example is a case where someone sister not only uses agreements made with evil forces to vampirize her family. She harms every thing in their life through jealousy. If the victim is under attack all of the time things stay hidden. So I can work on the layers nonstop and it is only when the layer of evil and problems is found that things can be changed.

A person who has made agreements with demons and integrated it into themselves also is able to be used by others using methods to harm the people they are around. I have had this happen in a number of cases. Yet some people that are friends with these people do not become affected even when they are psychic they have permission.

I have tried to figure this out. It is not a different belief than the victim nor is it better actions. It is having an aura with a natural shield where the back of the neck chakra is not effected by the force. It means the person has never made agreements with any forces where they could be compromised.

The main thing I have found is the victims are always victims of abuse in one way or another. No one has a perfect childhood but it is when the victim does not esteem him or herself. It is hard to fix this and is a heart chakra issue. Yet it is self-doubt and lack of belief or trust that can be used against the victims.

The person who has demon agreements and is causing problems will always have a few of the following talents. The ability to drain others of energies. An uncanny ability to make you feel insecure and bad about yourself. An uncanny ability to state what you are doing and make you feel wrong, inferior or insecure. They especially work upon being inferior or insecure. They will always have to be in control and complaining about everyone and everything.

The secret to avoiding this problem is to realize that there are no limitations in life except what you impose upon yourself. You do not need to be perfect, a snob or live up to others standards. You only have to live up to your own ethics and standards and do what you believe is correct.

Love yourself and be kind to others. Do not allow any meanness into your life when you are around these people or it multiplies dramatically to make you miserable. Realize and value your own self-worth as even if others do not make you feel better then you will know how cherished you are by God to be given the ability to love others.

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