Saturday, April 24, 2010


Challenges are a large part of advancing in the Western Mystery Tradition. Choices being made are all important. Every part of the persons soul is exposed through these choices where they show the divine what they are made of and do in this lifetime. The challenges are never the easy things that would make us feel good.

Some times it is health problems and illness. Other times it is showing a weakness such as making a person who has a big ego look at themselves. Healing others with spiritual problems also makes it so the person learns through every experience. The person being healed always has choices. One such would be should a person leave until the one he loves is safe doing what makes her lifetime dream come true. I would leave in a moment because I know what love is all about in life. Yet many people would just be mad and try to take things out on others.

A simple one is do you call people names and insult them? Is anyone so above everyone else that this is proper behavior. No it is not correct even if you are the King of England. You may do it but you are opening yourself up to the same chaos, and upset as harming someone physically. The reason for this is you are not listening to your challenge or making a good ethical choice. Speaking badly about someone is one of the worse sins I know of in life.

Most of the clients I have are going through their life challenges and I try to guide them in the ethical choices. I am not perfect but the years have taught me ways to help others so they can become what they want to be. They will never be perfect either but will know the skills to help themselves will come through guidance from the divine and others.

Yet life challenges are looked down upon by people who work to be evolved. They feel that instead of it being a fast track to fixing the problems. The person decided to choose those problems and should be placed on a lower level as having problems means you are not at their level.

Evolution can be a trap of ego as surely as thinking you are so important that you can harm others. All spiritual work is about knowing our own mind and our own actions. Knowing what we will and will not do. The choices are harder until some times it feels like we are trying to fit an elephant through the eye of a needle. Yet the rewards are endless when done properly.

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