Thursday, May 6, 2010

Demons- a picture of one

This photograph is on my website in the photograph section yet it always raises more questions for me than answers. The picture was taken during daytime. Why was the glass black?
I have a very simple camera so where did all of the color distortion come from when the leaves of the plants are in focus.
You can see a figure. No one was outside and there was no red light which could have reflected in the window. We all checked and no one could have been reflected in the window. No one's face could have reflected that way as we all have chubby cheeks.
So the question is what is it? I exorcised that day two demons from the Lesser Key of Solomon that the daughter had conjured. It worked and if you look in the red energies you can see more than one face. The red energies form what I would call a vortex or gateway that can work through windows and mirrors. It means that I had to seal and remove all negative energies from any reflective surfaces.
To me this is proof of things on the other side as it is called and corresponds to many traditions about covering mirrors and windows when someone dies. It also makes me ask the questions are demons the aliens of today. They would have to be inter dimensional to exist in a window and be able to enter into this space using energy distortions.
They would have to be able to exist in this plane only in the form of energies which could pull together the matter and manifestations that we read about in legends. Skeptics will look at this photograph and try to make it so it is just a bad photograph or some other moment. They would try to say I knew how to do this to photographs which I do not do. My talents in photo editing lie with enlarging, cropping, and making the photograph smaller.
I have had many skeptics try to tell me these sorts of things do not exist. I have had many people try to say that the world is dual natured so evil has to exist for good to exist. Yet I do not see this as demons alone as evil exists in the actions we do yet this might be why some people are more susceptible to these forces. Fear, despair and doubt also make it so people try to say they are rational and do not believe in things like demons or aliens. Yet doubters see the photograph and are still scared.
I feel the victims of the little evils we do every day are connected to the energies of negativity. People who do little evils always try to push it off as the other persons fault and when someone accepts this then it makes the energies around them change. We can change the energies around us by working on the actions and reactions of our minds. Seeing how every one has actions and reactions that cause others and ourselves problems.
So why are some people plagued by problems with these forces while other people are not bothered by them at all. I believe that some people have talents that are more open where they can see evil. Others have this as a challenge in their life. Most people want to act like these things do not exist and I can not say I blame them.
Yet our mythologies from every culture has these creatures, aliens, demons, and evil in all of their legends. None of these forces look like human beings, none act like human beings, and all of them can vanish and move around in ways that the human beings of those times could not do.
So aliens are our challenge during this time. Demons have been known to take people and abduct them, move in such a way as to vanish, have chariots they traveled in or gateways. So what is the difference besides language and words in use now that were not in use at that time in the past.
I have always been a seeker after explanations for many things that have happened to me and this added more questions than it answered. Yet to all of the skeptics out there how can they deny I took a photograph of something that was not nice.

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