Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Magical Pathworking by Nick Farrell and thoughts

I have read an excellent book called "Magical Pathworking by Nick Farrell." It is sold on Amazon and I bought it because it was a subject I did not know much about in my training. I realized after reading the book that it has a number of things that are very helpful.

The book has a method for healing the subconscious. I have used similar methods but never tied the methods into an inner kingdom so to speak that uses myths and legends for healing. I will try this more often when I have people who try to set what happens in their world. We can control what we do and most of the people with spiritual problems try to control every one else.

I also enjoyed some of the methods given and how it goes into psychological path working. It states the dangers and the advantages of using this method. It is also something I have been doing naturally for years. I did not have the Golden Dawn basics taught me on path working in the first mystery school I was in but did it with out realizing what it was in many of my healing methods. Especially with the raising up through the levels to pull down the healing and create healing.

It is interesting that I found this method worked. It also shows me every thing that I thought was true about the methods that work being used through out the centuries. Methods that do not work do not last the test of time. I always believe that each generation adapts a past method that works to their efforts.

He also mentioned about when there are extreme changes that the person gets many of the symptoms I had during the last few months. It all adds up in other words and I suggest to anyone that wants a different approach to read this book.

Path working is not exactly what I do but it is a valuable aid to me. I can add a new method that might work better upon some people who have problems.

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