Friday, July 30, 2010


I have had many challenges these last few months. It is good for me in some ways as I have had to look at myself and my reactions. I try not to get mad yet I have been in a bad mood over different things that have been occurring in my life.

It has made it so I looked at myself and thought do I want to keep doing this sort of work. I have been doing it for 40 years. It is longer than any other exorcist, or spiritual healer that deals with negative spirits. I put myself on the line for my clients and most of them are so wrapped up in themselves and their problems they do not understand it when I get exhausted.

I have been trying to go in a different direction and train others. It is a relief in some ways and I do feel good doing it. I have not had the money to get started with the Astralhealer Church but I want it to be a place of help and aid for people with spiritual problems. I want it also to be a place where people can train to help themselves and others. Some people may be able to do all of the difficult methods while others can just do the simple things. Yet their being trained and able to help others is a blessing for this earth.

I always get exhausted when I have cases where the challenge is the people actions as much as any demons. Each case is a learning experience. The last few months has been a learning experience and I have come through it. I have faith that things will move forward for me now in a positive way.

People have expectations of healers. Yet we are all human beings with human problems and reactions to life. I have a new article out about this subject besides what I have in this blog. It is called doubt and lack of faith-how it affects our lives. What I do is very difficult and is respected in many places.

Yet the people who do not understand what the healing is all about are the problems. I plan to do a series of articles like I did on this blog indicating the main reasons people do not heal. I have also learned valuable methods these last few months that should help many people. The only way this works is by the divine. No one else is responsible but the divine.

It is always a trade off and negativity always tries to find a way to upset the person getting good results on bringing alive the divine sparks. It is also a challenge to teach people when they are so full of what they know and trying to act superior that they do not listen. I hope that the series on healing helps the people who are unsure what happens to heal themselves and that there are no quick fixes.

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