Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Find out the name of your Guardian Angel

I have discovered a method to find out the name of a persons guardian angel. It is more reliable and able to connect to an actual angel. Many people today who do spiritual work do not use the divine appellations. I am a great believer in using the religious names such as Jesus Christ Son of God instead of Jesus. Divine Archangel Michael instead of Michael.

My reasons for this is that infernal forces always try to corrupt divine sparks of goodness. Society has used many of these names as children's names so you want to specify exactly which force you want to connect too.

I will give methods for connecting to your guardian angel and the way to call upon the guardian angel for help and by their proper name. I believe this is invaluable for most of the people who visit my website because it will build a divine connection between them and their protecting angel.

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