Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Clearing battlefields and places of Death

I have been working upon my latest project of clearing battlefields and places of death. I know that it will take transforming and changing the energies of the area. Sometimes it is a huge area of land to be covered or key points in the choice of battlefields has to be done before the other battlefields.

An example would be from a movie I have with Mel Gibson called We Were Soldiers. The battlefield was the place where the French lost and the Americans started attacking a mountain of Vietnamese. It shows a turning point where both countries suffered plus the French suffering added into this spot in Vietnam.

It would be the perfect spot to try out the new methods I am developing plus the fact that it was a turning point for three countries in causing future and past death and disaster. The same is true in the US at battlefields during the civil war where key points gave the change to despair and defeat. Releasing the energies from these spots would make it so the energies at the rest of the battlefields would be weakened where the energies and ghosts would be able to be removed permanently. It would remove the dense energies and make it so the people would have better luck in the area.

Another example is the natural disaster's in Indonesia and the suffering it has caused in death and misery. All of these things can aid in changing the national energies of a country so it can heal and become a healthy prosperous country in the future. It would also mean that mental stability would improve as it is hard to live in a place if you have the slightest ability to be clairvoyant and the ghosts know you can see them.

So my project is moving forward and is a combination of many things. I hope to hear ideas and comments from everyone.

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bpoorshoes said...

This sounds like a very good project! I know it will help lots of people. Happy Holidays to you Nita, and everyone :)


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