Monday, December 27, 2010

Cambodia-haunted country

I have read about the Cambodian stampede and here is the news link.

The people of Cambodia were having a festival. They were enjoying themselves after the years of suffering caused by Pol Pot and the way they murdered so many people in Cambodia. It made me want to cry. Yet it fits with hungry ghosts and haunted land.

The ghosts exist off of energies that are of life. Things irritate them and make it so they can not drain these energies. A festival is always noisy, and ghosts do not like noise. Running water affects the ghosts and notice that the stampede occurred on a bridge where the spirits attached to the Cambodian people on the bridge could not connect properly.

The energies of all of the unsettled hungry ghosts could be as big of a cause of this as anything else as they listed no reasons for this occurring. It is what happens when there is so much blood spilt on the land that the ghosts number almost the same as the people.

I hope to be able to solve problems like this for people in the future with the work I am doing on methods.

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