Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More information on haunted land

I have had many new ideas with new methods for the haunted land. The big moment in making haunted land live able is to transmute the energies. I have new symbols and methods for doing this and plan to do the methods the next time I get to clear a large amount of land.

The symbols have worked well with houses and clearing energies in smaller plots of lands so that has cheered me up. I have gotten results with some of the work I have done in the area I live in where I have noticed the difference.

I live in a place where wagon trails existed, pioneers traveled, cavalry roamed and so did Native Americans. The mining towns are close by and so is the west end of the Grand Canyon. I have been working on the energies for awhile just to test out methods and feel very encouraged. I also have used the new symbols on some of my cases that I have traveled too.

The main thing is transmuting bad energies to good energies and increasing the vibrations. It is not easy to do as the people who live in the area can try to drag the energies down if they are having a rough time. It is still a valuable method and plan to let everyone know the results when I do get examples of how it works.

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