Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No group is worth joining that requires sex as part of the ritual

I had this article pointed out to me on Facebook.

It happened in the UK but it could happen anywhere in the world. People will show it as part of the problems with magical groups. Yet this has happened in Christian groups. Mormon groups, and in every religion in the world. Is it right in any way-no. I have always believed that we can not impose our views upon other cultures where they have different cultural standards. In many countries marriage is done before the person matures. Yet these are cultural standards.

No group of any sort should allow sex to be used as a threat or abuse teenagers. The reason for this is remember how you used to be when you were young. I know when I was young I was naive and did not know a great many of the things about life that I have learned since then. I was a teenager during the 60's and 70's which gives away my age. Yet during that time there was a great deal of experimentation with sex and how we perceive it.

I was young and ran into a number of people who were trying to take advantage of young girls and claim it was necessary for rituals. They always wanted the girls to do naked ceremonies with them. I can say right now no one invites a 58 year old to sky clad ceremonies. Gravity has already done its work :-). It was done to take advantage of the young boys and girls.

Predators come in many shapes and the bias against magical groups adds in with the excitement of doing something forbidden. The predators out there play on these teenage themes and take advantage of the teenagers. They then threaten to kill them or harm them if they talk to anyone.

Public outcry tries to take it out on people who practice the occult and magic. They say it is just them but that is not true. In the headlines have been a number of groups that do this practice and the group leader has many wives. It makes you wonder how it happens as no woman should put up with a man who does this to anyone.

The main thing is teenagers should be warned about this and realize that in no way should they agree to anything like this. No group requires it and no legitimate group will accept any one under the age of 18 most legitimate groups wait until the person is 21.

The reason for this is magic is better done when the person is balanced and focused. They want people who understand it is a lifelong path that is about improving the mind, body, and soul. It is not about threats, abuse, or sex. They want older people who understand that their personal choices all have repercussions.

It should be the same for any cult or splinter group of any religion. I hear these horror tales all of the time. I knew some people who were members of Sai Baba's group. They asked me if I had tried worshipping him and talked about him as if he was God. I said I did not like what I heard about his actions. They defended him and I found out that they let him have sex with their 13 year old daughter when they were in India at his Ashram. I could not believe they could defend him. The words of the parents condemned him and them more than any jury could have. How could they not protect their daughter?

I have talked to people who learned shamanism and they joked about one medicine man having the fastest zipper on the reservation. All of these people who can not control themselves or respect others are not true leaders. No one should compare them with the serious people who are working upon themselves.

They like everything else in this world get more press for doing wrong than the many people get who are doing right. Everyone should protect our children as they are the hope of the future. Defend and protect our children even if they do not know how to protect themselves.

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