Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy times

Sorry for not posting more often but I get lost in what I am writing and only surface for food and relaxing. The dog actually comes into the room and tries to lure me away from the computer with a toy. I guess that shows when you have been typing and researching too much.

I have been working on my manual on clearing large tracts of haunted land, homes and apartment buildings. I feel this is a start for many problems and places where negative spirits can be picked up which cause problems in life.

I am actually home for awhile which is not bad. Yet I need to find a way to suck up to what ever spirits or Brownies that will do housework. Laundry the never ending job. On the last trip my suitcase was lost and I knew I would get it returned because if was full of dirty clothes.

All joking aside I have been working on my blockages in healing articles also. I know many people are disappointed when they are healed because they expect healing to happen the way they feel it should happen. This is a sign of control issues and a real fear of positive change. I am trying to make articles that will promote a healthy relationship between the person being healed and the healer.

Healers also make mistakes. I hope to prevent these mistakes and work upon overcoming the wounded healer syndrome. I have been a wounded healer myself at times because I work myself to exhaustion and have mentioned that fact. In the type of work I do some clients want 24/7 attention and I can see that during really active times for a few days. Yet the healer needs rest also.

So I have been keeping busy.

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