Monday, February 28, 2011

Angels-how they help

Many people do not ask God and the angels for help. You should always ask first for God or Jesus Christ son of God to send divine help in the form of your guardian angel. I have a way where I can figure the name of your guardian angel for you specifically. Yet your guardian angel will answer you when you ask as he knows your name and that is what is important.

The important thing is to ask for help. Angels are only allowed to help people who do ask for help. It means that someone can pray for months and yet not see results. The reason for this is the divine just listens until you ask him for help and solutions. It is the key to effective prayer. People who ask for help, ask to be shown their flaws and solutions and work to be better people are using effective prayer.

Asking to be redeemed, restored, and shown what to do to make your life better. All the problems that need to be fixed with effective communications are the same as in the real world. You have to be sincere, ask for the right help, pray to be sure that you are heard.

Next comes belief and faith. You have to believe and have faith that you will be helped. It has to be stronger than your belief that things will always go wrong or that no one is listening. Once you get the components down then anyone can have the angels help them in their life.

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