Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Physicists Poem

A physicists poem:
By Marty Rosenblatt (c)2011

Foretelling Destiny

Precognition teaches that just as
you can experience information moving forward in time,
you can experience information moving backward in time.

Precognition teaches that just as
history influences events,
destiny influences events.

Precognition teaches that just as
you create your history,
you create your destiny.

Marty Rosenblatt is a Physicist that has been doing research on precogition for those who like a scientific view of the ability to access the future. He has many articles on his website and a way to do Associated Remote viewing as a project. He is also at IRVA's Conference in Las Vegas as a speaker this year. His website links are
I did work in his projects on ARV for quite a few years and always enjoy his thoughts on foretelling the future. The poem is very true as we by the cause and effect in our lives created by our choices create our own history and destiny. We can access the information we need by moving forward and backwards in time. I also feel it shows that there are scientists that do work upon these issues that do great work.

The IRVA Remote Viewing Conference link is 

It is always a great deal of fun and makes me think about the different possiblities of how people accomplish the same things. I hope you check out the links.

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