Sunday, April 3, 2011

Healing for Japan-The Medicine Buddha-

I have been impressed with how Japan is coping with all of the problems they are having. I thought that this week I would do an Oriental philosophy upon a healing Buddha. It is also a subject dear to me at the moment as I have had my eye problems worsen and realize that the divine is everywhere.

I am an Inter-faith minister which means I believe in all the forms of God no matter what they are named as part of the incomprehensible God. It means that mankind loves God. Mankind finds many ways to worship him, and many names to call him. It is all one God but we and our souls resonate to the part of God that is perfect for us.

I believe that the 12 vows of the Medicine Buddha  are those of any healer who wants to help those upon this earth. I also feel the first 5 of the Buddhist precepts would be good for everyone to listen too. Excess and selfishness are a problem in our world.

The Twelve Vows of the Medicine Buddha upon attaining Enlightenment, according to the Medicine Buddha Sutra are:
To illuminate countless realms with his radiance, enabling anyone to become a Buddha just like him.
To awaken the minds of sentient beings through his light of lapis lazuli.
To provide the sentient beings with whatever material needs they require.
To correct heretical views and inspire beings toward the path of the Bodhisattva.
To help beings follow the Moral Precepts, even if they failed before.
To heal beings born with deformities, illness or other physical sufferings.
To help relieve the destitute and the sick.
To help women who wish to be reborn as men achieve their desired rebirth.
To help heal mental afflictions and delusions.
To help the oppressed be free from suffering.
To relieve those who suffer from terrible hunger and thirst.
To help clothe those who are destitute and suffering from cold and mosquitoes

A link to a YouTube Medicine Buddha Healing Mantra is

Focus on the beautiful Japan we know from so many photographs and the people and animals being healed by the Medicine Buddha. It is a beautiful experience.I feel that the philosophy of Buddhism helped to strengthen the Japanese people to over come the things that have happened to them. I hope the best for them and that their land is able to be healed and the people helped. I respect this form of divinity for the benefits and beauty it has inspired through out the world.

I undertake to observe the precept to abstain from ...
...harming living beings.
...taking things not freely given.
...sexual misconduct.
...false speech.
...intoxicating drinks and drugs causing heedlessness.
...taking untimely meals.
...dancing, singing, music and watching grotesque mime.
...use of garlands, perfumes and personal adornment.
...use of high seats.
...accepting gold or silver.

I find these things similar to many religions in trying to set an ethical behavior. Religion is all about trying to make it so people can work together. I am also very spiritual and a mystic who loves the divine in all of its shapes. I am reminded of how the Japanese people are showing their strength and ethics in the midst of horrible disasters. I did not see this in the United States where I live as disasters seems to cause looting and taking from others.

I ask that all of you help Japan and pray for Japan in what ever fashion is acceptable for you. I am blessed to know all of you and to be able to say I love you all.

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