Sunday, June 5, 2011

Authentic Soul Ministries

I wanted to spot light a conference tour of a person I greatly respect Bishop Bryan D Ouelette. I have been on the Eye of the Seer radio show as a guest a number of times. I always found Bishop Bryan well informed in spiritual matters and fun to talk too. He has such diversity in his knowledge that it made any show I did great.

Bishop Bryan decided to start the Authentic Soul Ministries to try to heal some of the schisms between religion and knowledge. I always want to mention things which involve healing the soul as I feel that the group soul of humanity has many problems at the moment. I know there are many dedicated people that help heal humanity in many ways both small and large. I mostly keep to myself and do my work. Yet I admire others who have the courage to change things for the better in speaking and holding classes

I feel this will be very informative and healing for anyone who takes these courses. I know that the cities are larger cities so I ask that anyone reading this blog tries to mention this to others. It is unique in that both Buddhism and Orthodox religion are blended together. The truths of both the western and eastern ways of thought ought to be life changing.

The link is

I feel spirituality is about everyone who loves the divine God in all of its forms. I hope all of you agree with me and help to make this happen for Bishop Bryan and others who try to change things for the better.

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