Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We are all Interconnected

We are all connected to everyone and everything in the universe.Therefore, everything one does as an individual affects the whole.All thoughts, words, images, prayers, blessings,and deeds are listened to by all that is.- Serge Kahili King

I feel that this quote is very true. Everyone who is human has the same emotions and the same things we all have to endure,enjoy, love and interact with others. We all as human beings make choices that affect everyone else in the world. We all can affect a group of people, a town, a city, a state, a country or the world by our ideas, choices and actions. 

The Internet was developed by only a few men and look how much it influences the world. It is impressive if you look at how the actions of one person can make a difference for everyone. Inventions such as electricity, phones, and computers also affected the entire world.

The way we treat others also cause ripples and can change the world. The World Wars are an example of this and Vietnam is the first time the United States felt defeat over the political choices of a few. All of our choices make it so we affect others in one way or another. The actions of our countries generate the same sort of energies as our deciding how to treat our family or our co-workers.

Countries collect the energies of their choices and it has shown up in economics and in many other ways. We ought to treat others with kindness and love and the world will be a better place. We also have to release the energies of the bad choices and free out countries and our world from stagnating until we can not survive.

The countries that interact with many countries have had economic choices that are causing problems for the whole world. It is our interconnected choices and the linking energies of our actions that connect us to the rest of the world. We are all connected and all being affected by the same problems.

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