Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Focus, Temptation and Our Path in Life

"When temptation comes, I don't say, `Yes," and I don't say, `No.' I say, `Later,' I just keep walking the Red Road - down the middle. When you're in the middle, you don't go to either extreme. You allow both sides to exist."
-- Dr. A. C. Ross (Ehanamani), LAKOTA

I have been receiving some very good Native American quotes in my email. I read this quote and they mentioned that temptation is really focus. I had not thought about focus as being temptation before but it makes sense. I know that when I make the bad choices that I am focused upon something besides inner balance. I am always reacting to comments and showing my emotional nature.

In Buddhism and every other path of religion the middle path is the one with out extremes. It is the one where you can let everything live and exist because you are focused on life in a way that promotes mental and physical balance. The Native Americans call it being on the red path but it is really being on the personal path for everyone. The middle path has the same elements in all moments for everyone.

The middle path is a path of balance, tolerance, and having good intentions towards everyone as you progress in your life. All of us have moments of  emotions where we can go either way. We can be tempted to show another who has hurt us or go to extremes. Seeing it as temptation and saying later and just deal with it when we are capable of staying in balance is a life lesson that everyone needs to practice and that includes me at times.

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