Monday, January 2, 2012

2012- is it the end of the World?

I felt that this is a subject I wanted to talk about and I do not have a quote. I do not see 2012 being the end of the earth. I do see it as being an end to the economic superiority of different countries. I also see a world crash of the world economy again in a drastic way. There are many reasons for this and they all involve the energy of decisions. All countries depend upon other countries trade and products. No country in the world is so isolated that they do not buy things from other countries.

The cycle of the ending and transformation of past choices and actions is happening again. I do not see this as a shift or a new world culture. I do see it as a time of lessons and disruptions with a chance of wars in different places. We always repeat the same cycles and it is weighing heavily on many countries.

I have a land clearing project. I tried to get support to do it as a Television show where it could help others. I have also asked for donations or help from others to make it so I have the money to accomplish what needs to be done. I really do not care if I am famous or well known and never have cared about that in my life. It is why I am having to ask for others help so maybe I should have cared a little more.

The fact is it needs to be done. Notice what happened to Japan the country who has suffered the most from Nuclear bombs and now a reactor. What if the energies had been cleared of layers and transformed to a better future instead of bringing in the past lessons of what had already been learned? It could have been done. What would have happened if other countries had been cleared of American business decisions where we were not brought down by our own fears and bad choices of the people running the country and businesses. The United Kingdom and the United States all have bad decisions and things they have done in the past still influencing relations with other countries. What if Germany could be set into a better future after what happened after World War 2 and Japan had been saved her trauma. The list can go on forever.

The main thing is I need help to test the methods out and then ways to travel to different places and do my work. If I was a millionaire or a famous person you would not be hearing me asking for help. I would do it because if needs to be done. If it is not done more people will suffer and turn towards bad choices and bring their problems and fears alive. Please help with my land clearing project.

I am the only person I know of that has been working on this problem as countries energies go in layers like a cursed persons energies go in layers. If you feel there is any way to help this project you will not only be helping me but the world.

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