Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Fantasties

Outside of Valentine’s Day fantasies, however, real love stretches through real time. It grows and endures and strengthens. Occasionally it wilts. Sometimes it dies. Our love affairs are not rhyming lines on pink greeting cards. They are thick dog-eared novels we write to ourselves. - Marcello Di Cintio

I saw this quote and it struck a chord in my heart. Valentines Day is all about romantic love. Yet how many people love someone just for themselves as a person. Romance is about feeling good and joyful. It has ups and downs and is beautiful in many ways as the people overcome all the frustrations, delays and misconceptions about the one we love.

Yet how many people can love someone for themselves just as a person. Some one that matters to them. That we want the best for in their lives?

I feel that way about others all the time and people act like it is strange. Every one is looking for the hidden agenda. How could someone just care for no reason but the fact they think someone is great.

It is because even in the commercials we are taught that a woman only likes a man for sex. I see dating commercials in the United States showing a woman wanting romance. It is a bunch of candles with her and a man she just met trying to have passionate sex.

Romance is not about sex it is about feeling someone is special. Taking the time to do little things for them to show you are thinking of them. Just loving the way they look when they smile. Feeling good and getting to love them as people not men or women.

Romance has become a lost art in most peoples lives. If you have it in your life Valentines day or not you should treasure it.You should write your own novel and keep it in your heart.

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