Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love sickness of the Soul

The source of all illness is the lovesickness of the soul. She yearns to return to her Beloved Above, and so is repulsed by the human form, her prison of pain.
Two things, then, must be repaired, and body and soul will be healed:
The human body must open itself to become a holy temple for the Infinite G‑d who desires it for His dwelling.
The soul must learn to discover the Infinite G‑d from within this human form, the place where He most desires to dwell.

—Maamar Ani Hashem Rof’echa

I really enjoyed this quote and enjoyed thinking of the different energies involved. I have for years heard illness blamed upon the negative energies, and other things afflicting people in their lives. I have heard people blame others who are ill saying they caused it to themselves. Many of these are cold, cruel, heartless statements that cause much pain to the people suffering the illness. This makes a great deal of sense to me.

All the problems I deal with in others could be called a battle or fight. Evil tries to bring down those whose souls are missing the divine. Evil tries to cause situations that the soul can not handle to change the orientation of the soul to negative levels where the soul feels lost. It all involves the connection to the source of your soul and the belief system it has chosen for you. 

We search for love on this earth and when we can not find it or any things that we consider good in our life we believe that the divine does not love us. We are rejected by our source because these things happen to us. Our soul is eternal and has experienced many challenges as all time is not linear. We can be experiencing twenty different lifetimes at twenty different times of existence and have it happen to our soul all at once. It could be all considered just one lifetime to the soul.

Most of my work is opening the person and soul up as a vessel of the divine in the religion or belief system of spirituality that it calls too. Once the divine connection is there then the soul is happy that her beloved one is there. Once she is happy with her beloved one then it makes a vessel for the divine to exist in her.

I have to deal with much more but it is a very complex and simplistic solution at the same time. The question is always what makes the client heal and it is the love sickness of the soul is healed.

People yearn to find their soul mates or twin souls. All of these people have karma together but what makes the twin soul so spectacular is that it is the soul loving another persons soul. The two people do not have to know what is happening but the souls do and the electrical charge is like being hit with lightening bolts when both souls can join and love the beloved one at once. 

Yet the real yearning and unhappiness in this world always comes from the heart and is about a lack of love. Divine love will dissolve evil and so will many other methods done but it is all the connection with the beloved that makes life worthwhile.

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