Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Beautiful Philippines

I have been slower than usual with adding posts to my blog. It is because I had to find an apartment and take care of the things of life. I am in the Philippines at the moment and in a lovely rural setting that has a great deal of natural beauty.I am here to do my energy clearing project and still need others support to do so.

I have found that I need to do a great deal of preparatory work to release all of the energies as some spots have negativity and layers sort of stuck in place so to speak. I have been doing this work using the symbols of sacred geometry and through the element of Earth. The Philippines is a elemental nature of water which allows for much flexibility but earth promotes prosperity and a better life.

I also have all the fees, and money due that is necessary for me to stay a year. I can then get an internet account once I have an I card and things will be back to normal. I am asking that people help me by making donations and subscribing to my newsletter. I will be able to do more with my own internet account. I also need the things of life for setting up an apartment.

I feel releasing the energies also is helping the US and other countries to be free from negativity and it is easier to release here because of the fact the Philippines have never been an aggressor in a war. I do need your support and I will have to be here a year to accomplish my goals. I will then move to another area that needs the work.

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