Thursday, April 5, 2012

Astral Healing and Distant Healing

I thought that today I would just add my thoughts on what I do. Most people do not realize what astral healing is about nor do they know what distant healing is about or how it works. Astral healing is done from the real time zone of the astral plane. The astral plane has no time so it makes it easy to do hours of work to help others during a short time.

I put my astral hands into the etheric energy to remove the implants, tentacles and threads from others that cause negativity. I can clear chakras and fill the clients with the energies of herbs, sacred substances and weave prayers and symbols into their auras to release the symbols and negative energies to God or the belief system of the person I am working upon at the time.

It allows the angels to access the person easily and also makes so all the forces of good in their belief system can be called into their lives. It also gives me a chance to talk to the subconscious person and work upon the issues with the subconscious mind. All of this is distant healing.

Other methods come with working with the energies of procedures to help the person to heal on the physical plane with photographs and the energies being pulled into existence here on earth. It is a very demanding discipline and not much has been written about astral magic until after I started telling people about how to use this method. I then saw old manuscripts appearing from sources showing the validity of my system and that it has been used for centuries.

I also have an astral temple where I can have constant healing rituals going on for others. So the methods can be life saving and are less expensive than flying me to a place and my doing the work there. In some cases it is not forceful enough and I have to be there to find out why the problems are still happening. It is when I fly to different places in the USA or around the world to help others. This happens because of objects and curse energies being present in a way where they can manifest through something in the home or person.

The majority of people find these methods a blessing that work with out having to go anywhere but their home. I started the one time amount because it is so intensive. If I charged by time or methods that I used then no one would be able to afford it. So I felt the one time payment where I keep helping the person through all the healing, mental stress and PTSD would be the kindness for everyone.

Many mediums and others charge $90 to $900 a session so I have always felt I was reasonable. I have just a few of the references I have received on my website. I have a good success rate and everyone I have helped has had things change and get better in some way or another. I have had only a few dissatisfied people and worked very hard to help them but could not get results most of the time not through my own fault but through the fact they were slower to heal and they expected everything to be instant. The other reason is a resistance to learning and realizing that with certain problems they have to learn to help themselves.

It can be instant or if it is years of problems I have to go through each negative layer and soul split. Soul splits can manifest as personality disorders and multiple personalities when done by an outside force. There are many ins and outs and I could write a book on everything and have done so. Yet the important thing is it is a way to improve your life and get help with your problems.

I hope all of you check out my website and the articles.


dustin said...

Ive often wondered how the work is done when other persons are indifferent time zones. ive a fasination with this type of healing modality. other then sleeping do you have another method for accessing astral?

Nita said...

Hello Dustin
The important part is being able to compact all of your subtle bodies at once including the etheric bodies so you are solid and receive the information as a energy signature. It is sound, vibrations, tunes, and notes plus colors. Once you do this time is not linear and you can access time anywhere on the persons timeline to go to when the different problems have been caused and to bring the healing to the present. There is no time on the astral just access points

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