Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Believe in Your Dreams

".because if you believe in something, and believe in it long enough, it will come into being."  -- Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

I know this is a very true statement for my life. It is a good example of the Law Of Attraction but it is tied into faith. The belief that there is a loving Divine force that listens to us and the energies of divine creation and love occur every time we have a belief that we want to bring into our lives. Our thoughts are three dimensional pictures that bring our lives alive to follow the divine will.

God wants what is best for us no matter what form we worship in and that always brings alive our life choices. We create our own vision of what we want our life to be. We then bring our vision alive through making choices to accomplish that vision. It is called following our dreams.

People are all different in how well they manifest these visions. If we think where am I going to get the money, and have worries and doubts it slows down what is meant to be. Sometimes visions happen which show something that just does not seem to be true. The secret is to never give up on your visions believe in them and trust them. 

We may accomplish part of our goals and think where is the rest of the vision. Many times we are out of sync with our vision and it has to be brought into being. If it involves others they have to be moved in a progression of choices into our vision. Our thanking God for something before it happens will bring it about if we have the belief and faith to know that it will happen. Endurance is something people have to have for a complex life wish. Endurance to trust in God no matter what happens as it is all a progression of choices that moves you into the place you need to be.

Believe in your dreams and follow them. Have faith in your visions and you will be happy in your life as we bring alive God's will by following our visions and dreams.

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