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My books-How to Heal from Psychic Attack and Sensible Spirituality.

I always liked to give books for the holidays because people keep them forever and remember who gives them the book. I always saw it as a gift of love and everyone enjoys reading a book. I would like to spotlight my books. They are both on Amazon and on Kindle books.

How to Heal from Psychic Attack: The Problem Solvers Alphabet
Authored by Nita Hickok
List Price: $19.99
8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm)
Full Color on White paper
88 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1502759665 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1502759667
BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Healing / Energy

The Problem Solvers Alphabet was invented to help victims of psychic attack and spiritual problems. The Glyphs are an easy method that can be used by anyone to help themselves and others to be healed. The magical system developed in the Problem Solvers Alphabet combines Hermetic Magic, Gematria and magical alphabets as utilized by many ancient cultures. You will be taught how to energize your own magical creations in such a way as to key into the vibrations, colors and images of the glyphs and akashic gemstones; all based on tested ancient wisdom - updated and developed for students in a new magical age. The alphabet is an integral part of my system to stop negative energies from harming you or others

A good book is often plainly written, when the writer writes from experience, from a gentle kindness that wishes not to impress, but to be understood. A good book of wisdom is often plainer still, for the words are not the writer’s own, and the work itself is alive. The Problem-Solver’s Alphabet is both: elegantly simple and alive with magic. As Nita Hickok found so many of us in our darkest hour, may this book find you in yours.

I found Nita through Robert Bruce’s book. I was starting to experience a real slate of bad luck, no money, bad guy, and magical workings from others on me. People say these things don’t exist. I am a pretty sane person & I can tell you, they do exist. I experienced some dreadful stuff, and money especially was extremely scarce. I almost lost my home.. I contacted Nita and she could see right away that the guy I was associated with had some bad stuff on him and it was affecting me very badly. She also alerted me to her book, the Problem Solvers’s Alphabet. I found this extremely useful. Nita was very helpful, kind & generous with her help and information. She was always concerned & showed a genuine interest in helping me to solve my problems. Fight magic with magic, is how I put it. I am finally coming through that harsh time, and it is because of Nita’s help.
She is the real deal. But one thing is, as Nita will say, you have got to help yourself as well. If you have psychological problems, then you must seek some outside help like psychotherapy or counselling. You can protect yourself, but you have to deal with the issues that caused the problem too. Like, why was I ever associated with such a person? How am I making decisions? You have to work on yourself, and Nita does say that.

Thank you Nita for your help in not only teaching me but showing me how to take care of myself. You are a real gift and I treasure you. God Bless you lovely lady. Thank you Nita.
Patty Turner

I first met Nita when she agreed to assist me with a personal issue I was experiencing with psychic attacks. Since then I have realized more and more that her greatest gift is the amount of love she gives and offers to those in need. My spiritual journey has now taken a different path to that of hermetics. However, I have never doubted that Nita has the energy of a healer, and will bring her gifts and insights to many people now and in the future.

Nita is a humble person, free from the attitude that often accompanies gifted healers. I recommend her whole heartedly because I trust her. That is the biggest compliment I could give anyone.


Pierre Du Chamois
Primary therapist

This is a reprint of the book. There is a problem with the other publishers discontinuing the book or business. I wanted to redo it from the original files and just have it at a reasonable price with color pictures in it.

The next book is-

Sensible Spirituality: Avoiding the pitfalls, Learning your path, and Handy Methods to help any Spiritual Seeker
Authored by Rev. Nita L Hickok
List Price: $12.98
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
274 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1468105568 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1468105566
BISAC: Self-Help / Spiritual
Sensible Spirituality is a book of methods and information for the spiritual seeker. It is the work of Nita Hickok who has had 40 years of finding her own path through mistakes, pitfalls, and doing the right thing. She writes of her experiences, triumphs and failures in a way that helps anyone with the knowledge that they need. People do not realize the many changes that can happen in their lives by spiritual awakening and different practices. It is a must read for anyone who feels sort of lost and needs information and explanations on how spirituality can work in their lives with both good and bad choices. It also gives information about spirits,and solutions to help the seekers spiritual practice to be balanced so they experience positive progress in their studies.

If you have studied the Occult, Mysticism, or changed the energies in your life ithis book will help to change your life. It is wonderful to have information that makes it so all changes will be positive changes and realize that awakening whether it be through prayer, or any other practice affects your life and everything about you.

Solutions to help yourself, talking about her mistakes, and realizing what she learned not to do along with what worked for Nita Hickok can help you in every way to make your life positive and help you in your choices and challenges in life.
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