Sunday, February 8, 2015

Gestures of Blessings

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”
― Steve Maraboli
Gestures of kindness in life always make me think of the love of God. I met a wonderful person recently who out of compassion listened to me and helped me. It always makes me realize that no matter how many people can act bad finding a person that acts good is a blessing of God.
God is always there for everyone. Yet most people can not connect to God when they are stressed, upset, or full of hatred. The people who are stressed have an easy solution as they can do many things to relax and not be stressed. Upsets in life are normal and sometimes God turns your life upside down.
The wounds created by these moments only the compassion of God can heal and people who are blessings in our life. Hatred is really a moment of such negative energy that it curses everyone who is around that person. Hate groups generate such negativity and hate in this world that it is hard to understand how others can belong or be members of the group.
People who judge others and hate them because of the race, sex or creed of religion are always people who are insecure. They have to compete and prove that they are better than everyone else. Yet they also have a sense that they are inferior in some way. They have to be number one or they are failures.

The recent tests in my life have been dealing with people like this who are in a cult and my trying to help someone. I am back on the web again next week. If you have been unable to contact me please try again as I am able to do more since I have finished with that case.

Be blessed and appreciate the good people in your life. Kindness and the gestures of the love of God from others is the important thing in life. Nothing else can be taken with you but love and kindness.

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