Thursday, February 12, 2015

New-Alternate Email for people to contact me

I have received emails recently from people who say they have been trying to have me answer an email since March of last year. I have been on the internet the whole time and I always answer my emails.

I have experienced a real slow down in business because I seem to only be getting the spam on my main account. I have checked all of the spam filtering and every other setting. Yet they do protect the servers with spam filters and if the headers are on the list of key words they may be filtering my mail where I do not receive the client requests.

The reason for this is my work is not normal and many times people put down I need your help and other things that would set off a spam blocker. My alternative email is

I hope that every one who needs my help finds me but if I can not get their email then I can not help. I have had friends who mentioned this also but they always got an email through the next day.

So forgive me if you have tried to email me and not received an answer. I have had a few people tell me they had problems but this was extreme.

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