Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shielding and filtering for Healer classes and much more

Healers need to filter and shield themselves for each session. Many healers do this by prayer and depending upon divine energies. Yet this does not always work especially in the type of work that I do because many of the people having problems are psychic and link to the healer.

Psychic vampires who do not realize that they drain others can also be a real problem with healers and many other factors. How can a healer work upon these problems and still be able to help the person while shielding themselves from these issues.

Filters are the main way to do this and having a protection system set up using layers and a variety of methods. Empathic people can be a real problem because they link differently at an emotional level and start of feel the healers illnesses and problems because many empaths are healers themselves. They can also drain a healer quickly because of their being able to hit the emotional energies and using it themselves to try to save themselves. Most clients that do this are afraid and worried over their problems and on most levels do not know that they do this except on an etheric level.

Clairvoyants and mediums also can draw in spirits and have problems where the healer picks up on the spirits and they try to attach to the healer. So almost every psychic ability and talent seems to have challenges for the healer.

The next problem is having sympathy or identifying with the problems being healed. A certain detachment is needed with compassion being necessary to do the connection for healing. Compassion or loving kindness is necessary for a good healer no matter how difficult the client.

I plan to do classes on helping healers to protect their energies and filter the influences in healing. I will do a months of lessons plus unlimited emails for the month for $250.00 and will also do SKYPE sessions to help the student with specific problems.

I plan to do this on various subjects and will list them on my website besides in my blog please contact me at either of my contact emails for a subject you would be interested in learning.

Other subjects include:
Simple Curse Breaking-learn how to help yourself be free from negative situations
Abundance prayer-Using prayers and chants to bring abundance.
Connecting to Angels-Ways to have prayers heard by God and the Angels.
Learn your Psychic talents and how to Control them
Anger control through meditation and prayer
Uses of Crystals and Crystal balls

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