Sunday, December 14, 2008

Being Rational

The subjects I cover and work with are not rational subjects in many ways. Yet being focused and rational is the only way to deal with them. People always look for a reason outside of themselves to blame their problems in life on so they are blameless. It is easier to do that than to change themselves.

People with problems love to focus on the problems and bring them alive. They want them to be all encompassing, and to have a reason for existing. Any cure they want to have some repercussions that help everyone where they can feel the problems have a purpose. Problems are just that problems. It is how we relate to the world and what we do after the problems that prove whether or not the person learned anything from the challenges and suffering they went through to cure themselves.

We assign all sort of reasons for anything paranormal to show that the persons mental status is bad or they are fooling themselves. Yet there are certain things that can be ruled out. Appliances such as refrigerators click when the cycles go on and off, they gurgle when they make ice, they make a noise when they defrost. Regular noises like this are not spirits. The changes in heat and cold make pipes pop when it is cold outside and warmer water is run through them. Computers turn off when the battery is not plugged in to be charged after a certain number of hours.

Things like this are natural yet when counseling someone we can mention this to them and they can not accept it. Counseling has for years been someone listening to another person describe what their problem is and what is wrong. The counselor then tries to come up with reasons for their behavior and methods for them to cope. Yet the person wants it to be something else wrong because they are not realizing their dreams.

It is the same with spiritual counseling and even more a part of belief. Do you argue with a client and make them upset or give them ways to deal with the problems so in the future they can claim to have cured themselves. Even if it is only realizing the new refrigerator makes different noises and it is normal. Do you build them up or rip them down to look at their inner self so they can grow into the good person they could be.

It depends upon each person and how their perceptions relate to their mental state. If a person is going to be harmed by something that you would do then go about it a different way. I always try to bring them to methods to have more good come into their life so they are not in the same state of mind. No matter what their perceptions are reality comes into play when they start feeling better and happy.

Ripping a person down to look at their inner self only needs to be done when they are trying to control and structure everything. They discard what anyone says and try to live in their own little world which is something harmful to them because they isolate themselves. Love and kindness to help someone learn to have joy again is more important unless they will not look at what they are. If a person wants to focus on their problems and not work upon the issues then they just want someone to listen to them.

Sometimes that is my job and I have had to experience it lately. Other times it is pointing out to them that I did not cause their problems. It is not my responsibility to work upon my own issues to get myself out of patterns. It is their patterns causing the problems and they have to do it. Healing is not someone waving a magic wand. It is someone removing the things keeping a person unhealthy. If the person will not listen or do it no matter what the healers say then they should think about what they expect from a healer.

Healing is a partnership. The healer has a partnership with God and the person being healed has a partnership with certain expectations from the healer. The healer needs to define the partnership also including limitations so the person realizes that God is the healer and if they do not work on themselves so they can connect to what ever version of the divine they worship they are wasting everyones time. Certain energies can be removed but the person is always susceptible to those energies until they remove the negativity they hook too. It is also about the person fooling themselves so they have an excuse when they are not good at something, are inflexible or just do not want to face reality.

Yet the people have to be rational and able to realize that their problems are sometimes caused by their perceptions and actions. They just to want something to blame. It is when the person will keep themselves in the cycles until they realize it is the way they react to life causing it. Not unseen forces.

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