Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reality-What is it?

Reality is defined by everyone in their lives. It is the bills having to be paid and the stuff of life. Cars do not run with out gas and maintenance. People need certain things in their life to exist such as food, warmth, and shelter. Even if it is only a tent it is better than freezing or being wet.

Yet is reality warped by how things are phrased? Do some people ignore reality because they feel focusing on what they want is more important. I have seen people want something and say even with it being a $50.00 item someone is selling for $2.00 it is not stolen. I was taught by a person who did bad things to other people that being greedy about what you want is a way to be ripped off. If people were not greedy then they would say this is to good to be true and not fall for the scam or buying something that is stolen.

Anyone can ask who does this hurt. Someone else will buy the stolen item. It may work where the person can make a profit. Yet a great deal of the things wrong in this world is because of people feeling they can spin doctor words and reality.

If you do something that is wrong then something will happen to you sooner or later. Not because it is something anyone else does. It will happen because people who have choices create reactions with their choices. Treat enough people badly and you will find that you will be treated badly. Hurt people and sooner or later you will be hurt by someone who is meaner and stronger than you are. It is the way life works to teach us the lessons and ways to exist as a good person.

I truly feel the world is crippling for those people who are unbalanced in one way or another. In Hermetics Magic balance is everything. If you do not have balance then the energies will not work, and you can not ground. The more unbalanced you are the further you are from being a real person which is the only way to advance along the path to God.

The mental makeup of many people can cause them to be victims of magic as they have the world work perfectly for them on the other planes. They have the abilities but they do not have the balance or grounding in this life and this world to function here.

Reality is living in truth and you have to know what truth is to live it. You can not rationalize nor expect to be validated by others. You have to like yourself, and try to do the right choices. Many people are not capable of this and our world sure proves it.

The people who are cruel to others because they are not what they want them to be. Treat others badly because of their race, weight, sexual orientation, or other reasons. All of these people are living in the realm of judgement. They ignore the fact that they can be judged harshly by others also.

Truth is trying to be the best person you can be and to love and esteem yourself in this life. It is very difficult to do because everyone can always find something wrong with themselves. Yet the balance, and truth bring about a joy in life that can not be rivaled by the realities that are the constructs and lies of others.

It is the spark of the divine breaking loose and making this world a better place.

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