Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow on the Joshua Trees

Snow! The area I live in is high desert where we normally get a little bit of snow. Just enough to look out the window and say how pretty before it melts. This year we had snow stick on the ground more like the first year we moved to the high desert. It is beautiful but shows the weather changes and weird weather that is happening through out the world.

Las Vegas Nevada has never been much for having snow. It is a desert and my family moved there is 1962. I can not remember snow happening in Las Vegas until the last few years. They even said Los Angeles, and San Diego had snowfall. I do not believe it stuck on the ground but how unusual.

I believe more of this weird weather will keep happening this winter. I know that I loved seeing the snow and enjoy it but it is like the higher heat and the droughts. The water temperature changes and everything else happening to the world. I hope everyone enjoys the weather they do receive for the Holidays.

May it all be a blessed time where everyone is safe indoors, with power, warmth and being able to look out and say how beautiful.

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