Saturday, January 10, 2009

Neglecting the Divine Feminine-A Big Mistake

I was recently despairing over how to help someone with problems. I decided to do some reading and found holographic healing with a person who claims programs created a reality that the person keeps running through nonstop. The person can have the problems removed but since her perceptions and reality see it as still there nothing changes. They actually reinsert the standard possession and problems they have through belief.

Belief is a big deal in magic. It powers everything for if you do not believe in yourself and your capabilities then nothing you do will work. If you do not believe in the divine then you can not reach the divine with your prayers. The divine can find you but with out your asking for help the divine energies will not violate your free will.

Evil can find people with out belief and turn their lives inside out. Many times they find ways to block people with connections to the divine to prevent them from doing something or helping themselves. They are capable of doing this as so many people believe that this world is Hell and not the realm of the divine. They ignore all of the divine sparks and energies that can be brought alive by positive acts of kindness, self-sacrifice, compassion and heroism.

So the male part of the divine seems to be blocked to the people with problems in many ways. I then thought how could I bring alive the divine feminine. The Goddesses are the ones symbolizing compassion, Archeas are angels who work with the divine feminine, and all of them are of creation. Creation can rewrite and remove the holographic realities as long as the person keeps persisting and using the healing methods.

Goddesses are also sin eaters full of compassion for those who punish themselves for their own sins and the sins of others they accept the blame for happening to them in their lives. They also are the patrons of rebirth, creation, love, and all of the things the victims need in their lives to replace the flip side of negativity.

Many times I see the tree of life switched from the positive side to the negative side in people with their chakras representing the spheres of the negative and drawing the negative into their lives. I have fixed these in many people but the negative keeps showing up and reasserting itself through the beliefs of the people.

I hope the work with the Divine Feminine will work and help all of the people with problems with loving themselves and creating a good life for themselves. I am testing it out right now.

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