Monday, January 5, 2009

Initiations can be dangerous

I thought I would talk about initiations and how they can be dangerous. I did a case history recently on being sure you want to dedicate yourself to the path you are initiated into as this is very important in magic.

The main reason for this is that any group that is a ceremonial group called a mystery school has what is called an eggregore. Eggregores are an artifical being that is compiled of a physical link to the group which can be the same for generations of magicians. It depends on how long the lineage of the group is, what forces the eggregore is aligned too, and how it was done.

The person may be willing to dedicate themselves to a certain path of high magic. Yet if the leaders are lazy and do not get the right message they accept people that are wrong for the group. The eggregore rebels and then the person who is initiated is not right. It causes problems with balance for the person as most of these groups now use the lesser ranks as batteries. It can cause health problems and other multiple problems.

The person being used as a battery means that the energies of the person are balanced for the group usage and some people are not suited to the balance. It unbalances their basic nature and is not for them and any person that cares about their initiates should be careful about this one.

Another thing is to check the person for certain problems which would prevent them from being balanced. Chemical and hormonal problems will also cause a lack of balance. It can make it so the initiation does the person permanent harm.

Earth magic and Wicca are less intrusive but also have initiation levels that the person has to be ready to accept. The group eggregores there are constructed of the individuals guardian spirits and they normally are aligned in the same way. It is not a battery situation where the person is forced into the proper balance for the group.

Yet again there are problems with this also. A person with a mental illness, or chemical imbalances will also be affected by the energies. They will be in misery if they are not capable of matching with their guardian spirits and will find themselves lost all of the time.

All of these conditions have to be thought of by a caring teacher. Grounding and centering should be emphasized so this does not happen to anyone in any type of group. Many teachers never believe this is important yet if you can not function below on this earth and can only be a star in the higher levels it makes for a person who will drive themselves out of reality.

Shielding and knowing how to filter energies where you identify who sent them, what their vibration is, and if it is harmonius is also important. All of these are basics that get neglected. Be sure you are not the victim of lack of understanding of the basics of energy work.

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