Sunday, April 12, 2009

Communication with the Divine

Communication with the divine always seems to be cut off by any problems due to evil for some people. Even if the person has always had angels around them it can happen. I feel the reason for this is the persons core beliefs. An example of this is I had a client that felt Hell was on this earth. In one way he was right as both the divine sparks and the Kellipot which are husks of illusions and bad ideas exist on this earth. The core belief of Hell on earth basically had his life centered in the husks of the creation of life that had no existence except for illusions and blockages.

The earth is the realm of the divine, and every religion, or system of belief is correct. The reason for this is any communication or praising of the divine brings about the divine sparks. Acts of charity, kindness, and mercy bring alive the sparks. Praise and happiness over the things of creation and beauty brings alive the divine. Creativity can bring alive the divine. It is the energies we focus upon that brings them into our lives.

Another person says they believe in the divine. One lady in particular I had as a client was a Hindu, and she chanted nonstop to show how much she was praying to Hindu Gods. Yet while she was doing this she was focused upon herself, and how good she looked because of her prayers. Prayers only work when you forget about yourself totally and melt into the mind of the divine and heart of the divine.

Another lady who is Muslim says nothing is changed and nothing ever changes. Yet what if she instead focused on praying to Allah saying that if it is his will she will accept it yet she needs his help 24 hours a day with all of his angels to survive this life. I had a client do this and they had things change overnight for the better.

Our mindsets no matter who or what we worship affect how we connect to the divine. It also affects what can connect to us. A person who has no faith in anything helping him but himself will find that is what happens to them. A Christian phrase is "The lord helps those who help themselves." This is true on a certain level but believing it on all levels makes it so the person works only on personal power and does not accept divine power. The reason for this is the person does not believe there is any divine help for him.

Our focus is what brings us into the connection with the divine and what we need to achieve to bring certain energies into our lives. It means that the focus of having good luck and happiness will work if you keep adding to the energies. You can bring love into your life by visualizing a voice of a person you love. The love will bring the rest of them into focus and into your life.

We have these abilities to ask for this help and open ourselves to the positive energies instead of focusing on what we do not like. It means that every time you notice something that upsets you try to see a way it can change to the positive and visualize that happening. If you do not make progress with these energies then it is time to show submission.

Submission opens us up to divine help so that things can happen that are best for us. What we visualize may not always be best for us. So a statement to any divine force you worship is something that should be said like this-

If this is meant to happen to me, then I ask (name of the divine you use) that you be with me 24 hours a day with all of the helpers you have to help me survive this life so I can live it in safety, security, and love. I honor you and know that you want the best for me and have faith in this. Thank you.

The next step to realize is to keep saying this every time something happens. It may take a while to break out of the pattern that has you miserable. Yet if you are consistent and persistent you will notice how much your life will improve.

I know that I wish for your joy, and happiness every day. All of the students, clients, friends, and people I know I want the best for them. May you find the joy and happiness you are seeking.

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