Saturday, April 4, 2009

Walk-Ins and Channeling

I want to mention a few things to help people in the future that do channeling. I have on my website the article Magical and Mental Access and Permission I wrote this article because I noticed that people were giving spirits permission, and healers permission to do what they wanted no matter what it did to them. I believe in faith but anyone would lock their doors nowadays. It is important to lock your mind so nothing malicious can access it also.

I am again having problems reported only this time it is from people who are trying to find their guides. They accept also that the spirits are good with out any keys, locks, or protections. This is not wise. People are summoning ascended masters. They never think of the principle of duality when doing this. The principles are listed in my article. Principles of Magic

The principle of duality shows that there is a balance in everything in this world. We may try to elevate ourselves but as long as this world is formed with duality as a principle certain things happen. Evil is there to contrast good and show us what good really is about in every way.

So as long as there are good Ascended Masters then there will be bad Descended Masters. As long as their are people asking for guides with out specifying that they want guides that are from the divine creator of love. Some people will have evil try to affect them because that person could do something in this world to make good stronger.

I have an article on my website called Angels what are they and how do we know they are angels? I believe anyone who works with angels, guides or tries to channel spirits should read all of these articles. I wrote the articles because of people having problems with identifying and knowing what was evil or not evil.

I am sure that everyone thinks this is relatively easy. I mean how hard is it to differentiate between wings and horns and a tail? Yet angels do not always appear that way and neither do demons. Angels are not the way they are now portrayed. Cherubim or cherubs are described in the older books as 9 feet tall and warrior angels.

Demons try to trick people in many ways so they can exist on this earth. The reason they do this is it is the only way they can experience emotions, and feelings. So anyone who channels should not trust the fact that if it looks angelic it is angelic. They should test it out each time and any real angel will not mind that at all. Masters are not always of the light and anyone powerful enough to be a Master can make illusions where they can fool anyone. The only way to be sure of what they are is by stating a statement before you do any channeling that no other spirits may interfere with this process and that nothing evil will be allowed to access you.

It is as important to be safe with doing the work of a medium, magician, or spirituality as it is to lock your car, not allow anyone to shoot at you, or harm you. I hear people saying all of the time that if you ignore evil it does not exist for that person. It is very untrue as evil can happen to anyone no matter how good they are in life. We would not have wars or many of the things happening today to many good people if ignoring evil worked.

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