Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Health problems and Soul Connections

The people I have healed who have had illnesses many times have that happen because of a past life. Even if the healer does not believe in past lives they may have visions that show images of the patient doing things or being someone that indicates a past life.

A person with a closed mind will ignore this but the truth is if the healer is having visions of something it is important. We all have had past lives because none of us are perfect. If we were perfect we would not be on this earth. Even the ones we could say were Masters of their profession are not perfect because no one understands or knows everything. None of them are the divine and the most they see is part of the picture.

I myself am not perfect and would be the first to say I do not know everything. I could parrot others views from books, and the system I studied but if I did not give credence to my own insights to heal someone I would not be successful.

So people who have fears that have no basis in this lifetime and a healer accesses them and picks up past trauma that did not happen in this life. It could be considered valid that they are from another life that the soul experienced that the person is dealing with in this life. The past life ties occur because the soul needs certain choices and experiences to complete what it is all about to perfect itself.

The soul is always perfect yet it becomes more in tune with creation the more experiences that it has to fill out the perfection with choices and actions. The soul becomes more multi-faceted with connections to all of the paths of the divine it has worshipped and all of its truths in the lifetimes that it has made choices on and experienced.

So any healer that gets visions and sees a part of the person connected to a vision of something that is not of this lifetime should remove the hook and let the person heal. They should remove the energies and let the experience flow into the soul. Psychic and Astral healing all encounter myriad definitions and others are always sure that their way is best.

Yet is not about our own experiences and prejudices when we are healing a person. It is love of the divine and knowing that the way is open to help the person. A healer should learn from each case as much as the person learns from the healer.

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