Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Power of Beauty, and Music

I like many people appreciate the beauty of a flower, the beauty of a sunset and many other things in this world where I know the divine exists. Yet how many of us try to have beauty in our lives? A cluttered house always leaves an edge in our mind that we should be cleaning it up. Anything that removes beauty from our lives also removes ways to connect to the divine.

I was lonely when I first moved away from my family. I ran up a big phone bill and then had a friend tell me that she used to do that. I said how did you quit being lonely and like living alone. She said every time she became lonely was a time she cleaned her house or made it pretty. It made her feel better and if anyone came over to visit she could welcome them to her home.

We limit ourselves through our own fears from seeing the beauty in life. Some people do not want to go places because someone might hurt them or the people might not like them. The secret is to learn to like yourself, and be sure that you respect yourself. How you feel about yourself is mirrored in your actions and in your environment.

I am not talking as much about how we see flaws in how we look. I do not know of a single person that does not have a moment of seeing themselves as not perfect. Yet is how we look more important to the divine or our actions? A person can be nice no matter what they look like. They can respect themselves when they are fat, or feel ugly. It is nice to be able to lose weight but some people have health problems where they can not do so.

So looks are not the be all to end all to the divine. What is important to him is allowing ourselves to enjoy his world. Listen to music that brings peace and happiness to us. I am not talking about a great deal of the music which seems to generate hate, and curse words. I am talking about music that makes our soul sing with joy. It does not have to be religious but does have to have the ability to uplift us.

Mankind is the only thing upon this earth that has a challenge in this life to experience it. Our choices are important, what we do to bring the divine alive in this world is important. Our love, kindness and happiness is important. That is also included in being kind to ourselves, love ourselves, and be happy with ourselves.

Life is not about doing this to everyone else and neglecting ourselves. It is about bringing the divine alive in our lives through our own self love and being what we love.

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