Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Magical Groups-How to protect yourself

I thought I would mention about groups. Magical groups can be very dangerous to join. The important thing is to know what to look for when you are joining. Cults are formed out of groups that are common on the Internet. Someone wants to set themselves up as a guru. It means they are in charge and will accept everything except the blame.

Cults come in many shapes and forms. Yet some things are common. Every cult has you sign or state an agreement to join. Some agreements are just about behavior and what will happen if you violate the rules. They do not state penalties as much as exclusion from the group if you can not behave. The problem groups are the ones with punishments such as you will die if you leave the group or other such threats. It means do not join the group. Any group that threatens penalties if you leave because you find it is not what you want is oppressive and will do much worse things if you do join.

Any groups where the leader wants to form a hive mind, group mind or put the members under control where all energies are shared. Do not join a group like this as the members of lesser ranks normally are the ones who pay for the group decisions and karma. It means the leaders make the decisions and if something happens the lower ranked members pay for it. I know of one instance of a group leader that liked to start magical wars then let the lower ranked members die for him.

Do not join groups where the leader is into weird sexual habits, multiples wives and has to have sex with every member. If you are into kinky stuff it might be right for you at the start but I guarantee that those groups can also be like living in a pit of snakes. Everyone is competing for attention, being jealous, gossiping, and acting in ways which are not spiritual. It is a waste of time for anyone.

Do not join groups where demons are not labeled as evil unless you want to be a Luciferian or Satanist. I heard Lucifer labeled as the light bearer and as if he was still a divine angel. I heard people remove the evil status from many demons listed in the keys of Solomon. If Solomon had to go through the trouble he did to trap them and call them demons then believe him.

Do not give unconditional permission to anyone to use your energies. It leads to vampirism and your being used as their karmic dumping ground in most instances. It is not wrong to trust but it is smart to research what you are trusting. I always tell everyone to listen to their own intuition. If you are joining a magic group because you are psychic and your senses tell you to steer clear of those energies and that group listen to yourself.

Permissions, agreements, pacts, group minds, and other names all mean the same thing. You are giving up control of your life and letting something else take over. Do not do this misery to yourself and you will be happier. I know of many people who are good people that will teach and be in loosely knit groups that are a joy. Look for them and not the other types of groups.

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