Monday, June 22, 2009

A Time of Rejoicing

I have many clients who have problems. The psychic attack makes the problems worse and many times the healing left to be done is emotional. Post Traumatic Stress can be induced by psychic attack, anxieties and many other problems.

The clients who can not break their patterns are the ones with the most problems. I achieved another goal today because of another client who is cured of her problems. She may have some issues she needs a counselor for but she no longer has the issues that brought her to me.

It feels good when this happens I have validation that my methods do work. I have joy over another person who is freed to move forward and have a happy life. It is why I do this work. I know that I can do nothing with out the divine and it is like knowing that the divines love is with me.

I work very hard to vary methods so the healing of someone means I found the way to connect them to the divine in a fashion that works with their soul. I love the moments when I know that the divine spark in a person I am helping came alive and I was able to help the person be healed.

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