Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Magical Groups-scapegoats and control freaks

A classic magical group ploy is to scapegoat others for your actions. It means that if you find a good group that one control freak is enough to cause problems. Control freaks happen because of ego and their wanting to seem the best. They normally have multiple problems and big egos.

Every time I see a person who scapegoats others. They will also blame them for the problems they created. A psychic vampire will blame it on anyone else to make it look like they are not draining others. I always believe that anyone in magic should have to live in truth and look at themselves. Yet these people do not want to accept responsibility except when they sound good to others.

The problem is what do the people who are not involved believe? The person doing the scapegoating is better at manipulating others, and lying about their actions. They try to get others mad where they stomp off and quit. There are as many different ploys to harm others as there are people.

I normally run into people intimidated by me and what I do. I do not care if I am a student or someone important but they do. So they just drift away where they can be the big fish in the small pond. It happens in any magical group and High Priestesses are just as guilty of it as the Ceremonial Magician who is sulking because the woman magician is better than he is at magic.

The best thing to do is to just be honest and truthful. If someone else is manipulating and trying to cause problems it is hard to stay calm. Especially if they are creating high drama with multiple lies and tall tales. If someone is doing this then realize that they are not competent magicians or they could be appreciated for their talents and kind nature. Instead they have to treat others badly.

So what do you do if you are in a group and someone asks you for help. They are being victimized by another person who is manipulating their energy fields, and draining them dry of energy. The first thing is to deal with the person as a force. Say anything that drains Lady Sparrowhawk that is harmful to her I banish forever.

So you see what effects this has and the person always shows up and has to be an utter drama queen. You should always give the psychic vampire a chance. Ask them if they are having problems with others. Let them know that you noticed energies around them do they need help to clear them.

If they start playing the blame game it will be on their victims and the people they can not control. So the main responsibility in a group is to deal with it so the group does not break up into different small groups all mad at each other. If someone wants to gossip about someone else do not listen. Do not say anything bad about another unless you are problem solving. It means that the words do not leave the room. The person with problems in their lives always blaming something else whether it be a student or a leader is a person to watch.

This is the behavior that causes groups to dissolve and it is normally because of someone wanting their own way, harming others, manipulating others or having to be in control. It can be applied to every area of life. It also shows an ability to rationalize, and harm others. A person like this is the first to try to harm others and say it was their fault.

In magic they try to use NLP, and other techniques upon people so finding a group that is perfect is impossible. Yet if you are in a group that scapegoats others -run do not walk away from it. If the teacher uses the students as batteries, and has servitors no one in their right mind would think of as of the divine. Run.

A good group will socialize with others. If people of like mind come together that is great. If they do not get along then the one group can work by themselves, and no one else has to work with them. Freedom of choice, good ethics, and teachers who care and do not manipulate their students are the groups to join.

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