Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have always felt kindness was an under rated emotion. People try to be a nice person. Trying to be nice means you are taken advantage of most of the time by people who use others who are trying to be nice. You either are nice or are not nice trying to be one or the other is two sides of the same coin.

Kindness is different. I do a lot of work trying to be kind to others. I feel many things happen because people are not kind anymore. What is the difference between nice and kind? A nice person is the one who helps your aunt buy groceries when she only has the money for medicine. They do an active courageous act of salvation for another human being. Trying to be nice means most of the time you are being led to others to test your stamina. The moment you judge them as not being deserving of what you do then you cut off the divine and put yourself in the place of the divine. It is not up to you to judge them but just thank the divine that you were led to them.

Kind means to be the sort of person who tries to actively cheer others up. If they have something mean to say they do not say it. If they have something to complain about they listen to others talk about their problems. They then just give thanks to the divine for not being the one that has to deal with those challenges.

Kindness is also the person who sees a co-worker struggling with depression and says something kind to them. It is seeing a person who is always mistreated and saying how much you appreciate them. It is many things but does not make it so the person has to show they are nice by giving money where they show they are nice.

It is a true gift of the heart to others. Loving kindness is a phrase used in Buddhist literature and it means just that fact. Kindness is a gift of the heart and most people have kindness in them but have had others hurt them too much to show it. Our world makes it so we are closed off from our heart chakra in many ways.

Many of the things we do is all about a gift of the heart. We can be nice but no one has to know about it but ourselves. We can make things better and give charity but no one needs to know about that either. It then becomes a gift of the heart to the divine. Because he always knows when we are nice, kind and charitable.

The divine judges the people we give our kindness too. If they are acting badly or taking advantage of that kindness it is on them. Yet by our very act we do show we are a nice person, have kindness in our heart and soul. Intentions can mean a great deal even when we do not do things right.

I like to show kindness and see someone smile. A beautiful smile is the best gift that I know of for a moment of kindness.

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