Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chaos and Doubt

My website was down and it was my fault. I went into the cpanel and looked at the security settings and on one of them I hit submit with out changing anything. The website crashed and this was a huge moment for me. The hosting company figured out what was wrong and fixed it. They told me that the interface was not right so I did not feel like a total idiot.

Yet I looked at the last time I posted to my blog and realized that some times the stuff of life keeps us from doing what we are supposed to do. It is like that with everyone. How many of you have noticed that when you try to move forward and create a positive change things happen to your life. You have to finish one thing or the other.

Things get turned upside down and you doubt yourself and your decisions. The same thing happens in healing and doing magic or energy work to help others. You move forward and have the positive change set up so the person has the healing happen with his life moving forward. You know that you did a good job and that every thing should go well.

The positive meets the negative and the changes sort of freeze in place. What ever energies that need to be added by the person is not accepted or the person does not add them. Things just do not move or move in the wrong direction. The healers always have one of two reactions. One is I did every thing right so if it did not go right it was because it could not exist with what you are doing in your life.

The next is to try to problem solve. I am more of the problem solver type and treat each case like a mystery. Yet anything I do is allowed by the divine so if it does not work it is always the divine blocking it for some reason. It can make you doubt yourself, the divine, or anything you are doing to help someone. Doubt is deadly in healing, prayer, and in life.

People like to worry about things as if they are in control. We are in control of some things such as the bills, what we do and act like, our reactions and emotions and much more. Yet control of anyone else is impossible. Just try doing it in a marriage or with children. It will never work and will ruin every one's life in one way or another. People feel that they can plan their lives yet the only thing that can be planned is one end result moment. The rest of it and how it happens is always left up to the divine.

It is the same in healing and magic. You can pull down energies from above and set an end result in place. You can see the end result happen but then things do not work out in the normal way that you expect them to work out. It is always the change in the middle that makes anyone doubt themselves and that is where chaos and negativity can enter your life.

Once you get through the doubt and upset the end result shows up. It is not as you expected it because you put energy into all of your fears and did not energize the positive end results that you wanted to exist. You then go into the negative cycle again.

Doubt is deadly in every way and worry is not much better. I had a person who always doubted her magic and wanted it checked so she would be told she did good. Yet the time for checking is before you do magic. Doubting yourself afterwards is just like tossing all of your work out an open window. You may recover some of it but the rest is damaged.

It is not about drawing what you want as much as having the belief that it can happen. Doubt destroys belief in many ways and allows chaos into your life. Doubt of the divine wanting the best for you, saying God hates you, and other statements will block every thing good.

It is for this reason every one should think about this and see how they block their own lives. All divine forces love everyone no matter what religion. We have to appease our own fears more than an angry divinity. We can do a great deal of harm to ourselves by worry and doubt.

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