Saturday, July 3, 2010


I realized that I always avoid this subject because I do not feel an expert on it in many ways. I then realized who is an expert on love. We can try to structure it and control it. We can try to pick people according to what we want instead of how we feel in our heart. Love is essential to everyone and all of us have many ways of ignoring it or having blockages because of lack of love.

Love is essential because every blockage we have in our life relates to some kind of love. If I did not love the divine with all of my heart and soul I would never be able to do the work that I do. If a Mother did not love her child the child leads a miserable life. You can tell the difference between people who have been loved and who are not loved.

All of our lives we have suffered from reactions and actions due to rejection and lack of love. So why do we do this to ourselves. Love is every where and in every thing. We have a chance to reject it or appreciate it. We have love for ourselves and will still consistently reject or appreciate something we have done in our lives.

We can fall in love at a moments notice just by looking at a person and knowing that we can love them. We can make the wrong choices through sympathy or wanting to be needed and trap ourselves into cycles where both people have to learn to love. All of my cases have personal relationships, friendship and love impacted in their lives. The first thing evil does is isolate someone so they can not experience love from others.

Love is the key. Everything I do depends upon divine love and the divine love helping me and the clients. Is a test of my self-love and trying to replace suffering with love. The clients have to learn to love themselves and obstacles always involve the flip side of love in all of its forms and aspect that influence our lives. Cruel treatment, abuse, and disdain will break up healing energies quickly. Manipulation and ego will do this plus all of the other obstacles I have listed. Why because it breaks up and negates the vibrations which changes the energies to something else. Love can not manifest fully.

Love between two people always involves the resonances and vibrations of energies allowing them to match or merge with the other person. To do healing you have to be able to match the resonances and vibrations of the energies from the divine and push them into the symbols, methods and healing that you are doing. The methods vibrations fitting into resolving problems is all important and that is why I have to know a great many methods.

Someone else can use these methods for months and not have them work because they are not able to match the energies and resonances of the divine. I have trained a great many people in methods but have accepted very few assistants because I know they are not able to connect to the divine and it would not be doing them a favor to have them help me.

You can have someone fall in love with you by matching your resonances to theirs and to their vibrations. Yet it will not stick so to speak unless you are similar in energies. Love spells make it so the people match resonances and affects the one casting the spell more than the one they manipulated with the spell. The reason is once they match the vibrations of the person it causes them to change.

So what about twin flames and soul mates. Soul mates can be a clearing of past life time karma. It gives us the opportunity to do what needs to be done to learn what the soul mate is teaching us. We have many soul mates. I have read in books that there are flame families and you would be attracted to the different flames at different periods in your life. The ones that match you during that period of time you would be drawn to no matter where they are in the world.

I feel that twin flames are the other half of our soul. We may have many people that are similar to us but I can not see where flame families are born unless the soul is switched around which does not seem possible. It is a reward from the divine and they do not have to be doing the same thing we do. It can be similar.

It would not surprise me to have my twin flame be a body guard, police office, or protector of some sort that wants to make things go right. That is an example but a great deal of what I do solving spiritual issues is like solving crime. It is the who, what, why, when and where. So if a person is a business person that other person would be a creative force in a similar field.

We can go on and on here but the main thing is that it completes the circuit where both people are a total circuit to the love of the divine. It makes it so love is glorified and they can love themselves and others. Love is the key to all healing and it is not only in relationships. It is in everything we do in life.

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