Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mistakes and how to deal with them

The quote I picked after the last blog post is the following one.

Everyone has mistakes in their life. No ones life is perfect.Everyone will always have problems. But how we deal with them makes us who we are.

I know many of the people who talk to me expect life to stay perfect all of the time. Life has ups and downs. Astrology, fortune telling, and many other things have been developed by mankind over the years trying to predict these times. Yet nothing has been perfect in my experience as there are always things in our lives that we are meant to do. It is not easy when you are doing the right thing. If it is to easy then you should look at it and see why. Challenges and fixing problems in your life is not easy. 

Dealing with mistakes and admitting to yourself and others that it is a mistake is not easy. You can have the best intentions in the world and have it go wrong. I have always felt that this happens because we have not learned what we are meant to learn from our mistakes. One person will make a mistake and try to blame it on others so it is their fault. A person like this needs to learn responsibility for the actions they take in their life. Everyone makes mistakes and the quickest way to deal with them is accepting responsibility for them.

Some mistakes happen because of improper communications between people. The only way this works is by both parties looking at what happened and why. I have found most communication problems are not about what is said as much as the reactions it causes. No one is perfect so it is the people dealing with their expectations of how they felt things would go. Again not rationalizing but taking responsibility.

I have seen others who feel the only way to get to the top is to blame their mistakes on others and look better than them. I have found the really successful people are the ones who take the blame for the mistake and resolve all of the issues. The next question is do we learn from the problems. A person who asks for an explanation of how things happens and then calls it excuses has missed the point. The point is to understand why a person did something.

I will mention introspection here as if we do not look at ourselves from another persons viewpoint or a viewpoint of observing our actions then we will get nowhere. All problems should be used to look at how they happened, how it can be prevented from happening again, and whether the mistake is just a fact that the whole action or idea was wrong. If the whole idea was wrong then it is time to do different actions to make it so the mistake is gone and life is good.

Many times the mistakes happen during a time in a persons life where they seem to have nothing but mistakes happening to them. Everything goes wrong and they do not know why as everyone else makes the same actions work. I feel these times are the best times to learn about yourself. It helps to define us as individuals by what we do to make our lives our own. I also feel that these times are when we fall off our path, and something is trying to show us that we should do something different in our lives.

Each persons path is their own and most of the time we would not want to be in the other person's shoes and living their life. Yet understanding that if we look at our actions by what repercussions they can cause and harm they can do from an impartial point of view we can save ourselves many mistakes and errors.

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