Sunday, January 27, 2013

Death is not the ending

"The journey to the Spirit World is a long one, my friend. But when you die, that doesn't mean that this is the end."
-- —Buddy Red Bow, LAKOTA 

Everyone is afraid of death. Everyone has heard jokes about dying and phrases such "May you be dead for a week before the devil finds out you are gone." that is Irish. A friends comment there is only one way out of life and everyone dies. I have quit breathing myself and had to be brought back to life when I was a child and drowned in the ocean. I traumatized my cousin who said that he would never take me to the ocean again unless my father taught me to swim. I have had my moments recently where I caught a deadly disease MRSA and submitted myself to the will of God and felt he saved me.

I have been a psychic since I was a child. Everyone tries to make you fit into what they perceive as normal. You are told in many ways that you are not seeing things because no one else is sensing them. It is easier on people who are psychic now in some ways as they say they are special. I did not have that benefit when I grew up. It is always a tight rope to walk as you perceive people and things differently. You have to analyze that and make up your own dictionary of explanations. It is like being a trail blazer as there are no rule books or dictionaries telling you what your symbolism and perceptions really mean. You can only read what other people experienced, analyzed and found explanations for their symbols and it does not mean you are the same.

I have been a searcher for years trying to perfect myself and be closer to the divine. I see angels, and demons. I see people as beautiful colors, tunes and melodies and have done so since I was a child. It either means that I have opened up psychic talents which changes my perceptions or I am psychotic as that is what hearing voices is all about in this world. Everyone who has ever been a Saint or spiritual leader would have a good time if they put them all in the same place. I do not include myself in that category but I believe the key word here is functional. Do you have talents and are able to function in life, and rational. Do you function in this world. Are those talents from God because they will bring you good, save you, and make it so you can live in truth. If they are through ego and personal power and not the divine they will only bring you grief even if you get life going perfect. Nothing defies the divine.

Yet the same themes run through out every religion. You die and there is a reward and you get to be with the divine or reborn. In Christianity and Judiasm it is not so much reborn as you have a chance to set your mistakes right. Purgatory is probably the same as the bardo and other places where the dead go to in different religions. It is just shaped differently. Yet death is not the ending and I feel that people need to understand the wonder of it all.

Everyone gets a second chance to correct what they have done wrong in every religion. You get to look at and perfect yourself with an eternal immortal soul that has a choice to live again or come back in spirit. You have a kind loving energy you are in with none of the worries of the world. You are seeing the eternal souls of others you have known and it is beautiful. People are terrified of it as if they will be tortured and punished. Yet in every religion you can turn to the divine and be restored and forgiven where nothing bad will happen to you. You may need to do a great deal of work to perfect yourself but you still are not tortured. You judge yourself and your hell is what your mind puts you through for your own judgements.

So why are people hurt, killed, murdered and harmed every day because of being a nationality, sex, race, or because of greed and jealousy. I do not know as I am not God but I believe it is because of how we make choices in our lives. Each choice puts us in a different vibration, pattern of energy, and level of energy. Bad choices mean that we learn whether those energies are right for us or not. Evil people who love those energies have the challenge of doing something good for others.

The mind of the divine is incomprehensible and no one can understand it. Yet it forms patterns in our lives, matrix's of energies. So once all these patterns and energies come together in a flow it makes it so evil can counterbalance the good flows since this world has dual natures. Evil wins when good people act against their nature and our bigots, hateful and do bad things to others. It mean that humanities choice is what brings us the things we draw to us. I hope to see the Messiah born because we make this place a home for him. Buddha coming back, and all the things that bring spirituality alive.

Yet I am just one of those people with different perceptions and you have to decide what you are and if you want to bring all of this into your life.

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