Thursday, January 24, 2013

Standing Before God

I am not doing a quote this time but more about myself. I have ups and downs in life like everyone else and the question I always ask myself is if I stand before God would I want to tell him what I did. I do this for almost every thing that is a major decision. I know that to many people that makes me seem like a doormat or a fluff bunny which is silly. Yet I have had a few people find that point of view amazing and thought how is it different.

Standing before God is important because spirit makes everything change in your life. I want to be sure that I follow what choices I believe are right. It is harder to do and would be easier on me if I followed the crowd so to speak and acted like everyone else. The reason for this is people would accept me even if what I did was spiritually wrong because all of them did the same action.

It does not make it so I judge others or try to make them follow my path. It does make it so I am more comfortable even if things do not go easy at first. I feel it is living my belief's and have found other literature on different religious belief's say the same thing. Following your spirit, your own drummer or what ever phrase you use to describe it is important.

We are all individuals and have a different set of choices. We decide what we want to do in our lives and how we want to live. A good tool to judge if we are on the right path and making the right choices is by saying would I want to tell this to God. Try doing this in your life as a test and see how much better things can get for you.

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