Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wish Boards, and Wish Boxes

I mentioned how the laws of attraction have worked for me. They worked best when I wanted to redo my entire life. I was just fed up with how it was going. Once I got part of the wishes I stopped doing the spell. I now know I should have kept it up each day.

I plan to set a project for my ning groups where everyone makes a wish board and then we work on making the wishes come true. Wish boards and boxes have an advantage. They use photographs and they help people visualize who have problems with manifesting things in their life.

Some people are not visually oriented so they have their dreams but never can get clear images of what they would like to occur. The picture should be looked at every day and dreamed about afterwards in a happy meditation. Everyone should then get together and work on how to bring this into the persons life. Give ideas and help.

Many people may have to draw or print out what they want as somethings do not always depend upon finances but are personal challenges. I feel it ought to be a fun project for everyone. I hope some of you who read this would like to join us.

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