Friday, August 22, 2008

Hidden Anger

I am wondering if part of the problems I have experienced with clients come from hidden anger. I believe most people that this happens to are angry with God or the Divine. They feel that this spiritual problem should not have happened to them. Why did God allow this to occur?

God is unknowable and to complex for us to understand. We know he is there but do we see the whole picture in what he does? I know I do not know his plan. No one is on this earth who is capable of understanding God. The reason for this is God is not something outside of us. He permeates every molecule of everything in this world.

So what can cut people off from God. Anger over the things that happen to them. I know everyone my self included feels that some things just should not happen to me or anyone. The person says they can not understand why a kind and loving God would do this to them.

The best advice I have at these moments is to say I trust in God that he is doing what is best for me and try to get through the moment. Certain types of emotions block us in our lives and that keeps our lives from moving forward. Grief, depression,trauma and the list goes onward brings about results where we lose our faith in life. Our faith that good will prevail in our lives if we are positive in what we do.

Every time I have had problems with breaking myself or others loose from the negative things in their lives a negative emotion is what is causing it. Hidden anger is normally the last one recognized because we believe we are being faithful even with feeling if God loved me he would not have allowed this happen. We are not being truthful with ourselves or God. God always lives in truth and everything else just blocks or obscures our good in our lives.

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