Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catch up and Webinars

I am catching up after traveling. I know that jet lag is worse on the way back as a day is lost so I have been resting more than working. I plan to do the endless job of laundry tomorrow. Travel generates lots of dirty laundry.

Other than that my next concern is I have 45 days of learning to do webinars to see if I like them. I have wondered about doing this for classes and showing some of my methods. I wonder if it can be a teaching method so plan to make announcements on my website and here when I do have one scheduled.

I will be happy when August is over and September happens. The temperatures are normally cooler where I live. I really enjoyed Northern Norway and will post a photograph of one of the places I visited.

I also added some ghost photographs on my website from my visit in Norway.

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