Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today was full of blessings and not so blessing events. It was a day of life but I had to think about myself and my views. I had a member of a yahoo group do two miles of messages each time but what they really boiled down to was all about them even when the subject was something else.

They wanted to do what was right, and not make any bad mistakes. It all ended up that the person was on a magic group yet wanted to be like everyone else. Those of us who are called to a magical path are never allowed to be like anyone else.

We are different because we are trying to live in truth, and to move along in our life directed by the Divine. Most people now a days are directed by their wants and needs. The things we want are not always good for us. The things we need have so much energy in the needing that it may be hard to manifest the energies.

Yet in everything we do picking a path in Magic means that you live in truth. You learn not to force others to your beliefs but to give information and let the person choose. Yet among all the hatred and strife between religions about which one is the only one it is not so simple to believe in the divine.

It is no wonder that magic also is the destruction of beliefs and things that cause disharmony and block us from the divine. So any skeptics, and others who try to force others into what their shape and actions are supposed to be realize this is not the truth. It will not stick and the only thing we can control is ourselves and our actions.

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